How To Protect The Skin In Summer

Today will be the skin’s turn. We will propose some tips that are as well-known as useful to keep your skin protected from the attacks of the sun.

Protection From The Outside

The best protection is to reduce the amount of skin exposed to the sun. But since we cannot go out on the street with a work overall and a hood, we will have to find the perfect balance between covering the skin and not tormenting ourselves. The essential thing is to wear loose clothing, because when it is hot, those centimeters between the surface and clothes are appreciated and always breathable fabrics, such as cotton or linen. Low-breathable structures tend to cause a small-scale greenhouse effect: if you wear non-breathable clothing, no matter how baggy, you will have a wrong time.

What happens with the areas that we do not cover? A classic: sun protection throughout the day. The idea is to throw it out about 15 minutes before leaving home and go renewing every hour or so. When to replace the protector? You will notice that: if you feel that your protection is released from your skin -which is the subtle way of saying that you have been sweating for half an hour … by the way, have you checked what your clothes are made of? -, the best is that you dry and, when finished, renew your dose of protector. The sunscreen creates a film that slows down some of the UV rays, but surprisingly it is not designed to resist our sweat. If you’re going through a lot of heat, renew it.

And one more thing: hygiene is even more important in summer. In addition to not endangering social relationships, washing will often serve to get rid of small particles of sand, salt, and plants (typical if you’re on the beach) that, due to the sun, become abrasive and can ruin your skin. If you intend to spend the summer inside the pool, clear up your whole body well when you leave. Chlorine does not benefit your skin when the water dries.

Do not forget the accessories. In summer, some people dress more than in winter: hats, hats, handkerchiefs, sunglasses. Do not leave home without them.

Protection Inside

Drinking water throughout the day is mandatory, sure you know. Eating well is also good. That salad is promoted in summer, and all dishes with vegetables are not coincidental. It may seem that it is to favor light digestions and thus avoid those dangerous siestas under the sun at four o’clock in the afternoon, and surely that is also why, but the main reason why we recommend you eat lots of vegetables has to do with the vitamins A, C, and E, which are full of antioxidants.

Antioxidants fight free radicals, which are, in short, the cause of cellular aging. In other words, free radicals spoil your skin (and also your hair); Actually, they spoil anything. Free radicals originate in any process where there is an interaction at the cellular level, which means that they are being generated at all times: indigestion, when exercising, in a reaction of protection of our body against an external attack. Do you see where we are going? The sun is a source of free radical creation, and that is why it is so important to eat many antioxidants.